Richard Hammond is banned from exercising

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  • 7 September 2017
Richard Hammond

Richard Hammond

Richard Hammond has been banned for exercising for 18 months after the terrifying car accident left him wheelchair bound

Richard Hammond has been banned for exercising for 18 months after the terrifying car accident.

The 47-year-old television personality was involved in a horrific motoring crash in June this year, which temporarily left him wheelchair bound, and although he has since ditched his walking aids he has been forbidden from running.

And the former 'Top Gear' host thinks his recovery will prove to be a struggle for him as he fears being unable to keep fit will see him pile on the pounds.

Speaking to the Mirror Online, the petrol head - who was knocked unconscious after the accident and fractured his knee - said: "I can't run for 18 months and that's how I keep fit. I'm 47 - it's hard to keep the weight off so it will hit me hard if I can't run."

However, Richard has been told he is allowed to cycle, much to his annoyance because he "hates" cyclists, and he doesn't want to be seen peddling along the road in a helmet.

The thrill seeking star - who has daughters Willow and Isabella - said: "They've told me I have to cycle - but I hate cyclists. We all hate cyclists.

"I'm a 47-year-old man - I can't be cycling along the street wearing a helmet."

And Richard - who was left in a coma for two weeks after a crash while filming 'Top Gear' in 2006 - has admitted it is "not easy" for him to find insurance because of the number of accidents he has had.

But the star thinks it shouldn't prove so problematic because he "mends easily".

He said: "It's not easy. But it should be, because I obviously mend easily."

Although Richard's physical ability has been limited since being involved in the road race, he has since got back behind the wheel.

Speaking previously, he said: "Back Behind The Wheel!(sic)."

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