Luke's secret lust

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 28 June 2008


Luke admitted he has "a thing" for licking girls' earlobes last night.

The politics student – who has been teased about his close relationship with Rebecca by some 'Big Brother' housemates – admitted his fetish to Mikey and Stuart.

After foul-mouthed comedian Mikey said he liked girls with ski-slope noses – much to the amazement of Stuart – Luke revealed his lust for "sweet and suckable" earlobes.

Somewhat remorsefully, he admitted: "I've not found a girl who is willing to let me do it."

A worried Luke then said: "I'm actually very concerned I just admitted that. Oh, dear God."

After news of Luke's passion spread, some of the other housemates decided to help Luke live out his fantasy.

In the luxury bedroom Bex started to lick Luke's earlobe, much to the amusement of Jennifer and Dale.

Bex said: "I just snogged your earlobe, Luke did you like that?"

Luke then offered to suck Jen's earlobe and the part-time model agreed.

Later, an amazed Dale said to Luke: "That's the most sexual thing that has happened in the house. You've had the most action of all the men in here."

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