MC Almond Milk can't wait for his collaborators

MC Almond Milk can't wait for his collaborators

New album Full Day, Cool Times isn't released yet but MC Almond Milk is already nearly finished his next

MC Almond Milk's Full Day, Cool Times definitely falls into the nostalgic category; the theme runs from track to track, unifying the album. 'I think I wallowed in it a bit,' he says, 'but also how does what I look back on inform how I'm moving forward?'

Despite not being released yet, MC Almond Milk (or James Scott for the purists) has already moved on to his next album, which is nearly finished. He's surprising friends with how much music he is creating and pleased with his output just now. Formerly of CARBS (with Jonnie Common) and last year's collaboration with Jay Rolex, Smell the Audi, he's happy to have finally found his niche and doesn't want to hang around.

'In the opening track "Wet Wednesday Pt 2", I'm addressing my collaborators directly,' he says. '"I can't wait for you" is literally me saying that I've got all these ideas ready to go and I need to work at my own pace to get them out there. I can't lean on you any longer.'

Full Day, Cool Times blends hip hop with electronic influences, smart, eccentric tracks dotted through with surprises that bring the themes back in on themselves. 'Lost in Drakies' with Gav Prentice of ULTRAS uses the Windows 95 start-up sound as a base, expanding out into patterns and loops as Scott raps about 'white van speech that turns the air blue.'

'One thing about rap,' Scott says, 'is that it is so often tied to location and place and people's specific slang and people's specific accents. I like that about Scottish music.' The references and dialect and vocal tics mean this is an album entirely of a place and specific time in Scott's life, but he sums it up best: 'I'm not going for one sound or one genre. I'm just trying to be me, which is a guy in Glasgow making some music.'

Full Day, Cool Times is out Fri 22 Sep via Save As Collective