Georgia Kousoulou will always 'ruffle feathers' on TOWIE

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 5 September 2017
Georgia Kousoulou

Georgia Kousoulou at the TV Choice Awards

Georgia Kousoulou is adamant she'll continue to rub people up the wrong way on 'The Only Way is Essex' because she's so outspoken and won't allow people to stop her voicing her opinions

Georgia Kousoulou is always going to "ruffle feathers" on 'The Only Way is Essex'.

The 26-year-old reality TV star has been a major fixture on the ITVBe show since 2014 and, over the past three years she's fallen out with a number of people, she's adamant she'll never tone down her personality in order to get on with more people.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz at the TV Choice Awards in London on Monday (04.09.17), she said: "There is always going to be people that you get on with and people that you don't, that's life and I'm very vocal about how I feel, I'm always going to ruffle a few feathers. I'm definitely same old, same old. I have to say what I think, sometimes I wish I had changed a little bit, sometimes I just can't be fake, I find it very hard to pretend to like people when I don't, but that's reality and you have to be real. So even if it means rowing with people I have got to own it."

The blonde beauty has enjoyed a few weeks off over the summer with her boyfriend Tommy Mallet but is glad she's now back in front of the cameras again.

She explained: "I'm excited for it to be back on air, it's gonna be a good one, we do 12 weeks at a time now and I enjoy it. It's not that hard when you like what your doing, it goes by really quick, we had a good summer off but it's good to be back."

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