Sarah Harding doesn't know when she'll see boyfriend Chad Johnson

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  • 5 September 2017
Sarah Harding

Sarah Harding

Sarah Harding is hoping to see her boyfriend Chad Johnson in a few weeks after he went back to Los Angeles recently

Sarah Harding doesn't know when she'll see her boyfriend Chad Johnson again.

The former Girls Aloud singer struck up a romance with the 'Bachelor' star while they were both locked up in the 'Celebrity Big Brother' house last month but they're now living on opposite sides of the world because the hunk has gone back to Los Angeles.

Speaking on 'Loose Women' on Tuesday (05.09.17), she said: "[It's going] OK, he's gone back to LA now. I don't know [when I'll see him next]. I've got some work possibly lined up in LA in the next few weeks. I might be back over in a couple of weeks. Who knows? We've spent like a week together outside of the house, obviously we've got real lives to get on with. I'm still acclimatizing and getting used to real life again. I still can't get my head around everything and what's to come so we're just going to play it one bit at a time. I want to be sensible about this."

But the 35-year-old beauty is still trying to get her around her on-screen romance because she never expected to fall for someone when she first went into the abode.

She explained: "I wasn't looking for anything when I was in there. I didn't fancy any of the lads when I got in there at all. I didn't look at any of them like that.

"But with me and Chad I think we only had each other to lean on and from becoming really good friends it just grew into feelings when we both got nominated and we both got saved. I think that's when it sort of fell into more feelings."

And, although her time on the show was full of tears and tantrums, Sarah - who was crowned the winner of the summer series two weeks ago - has admitted there's a chance she may go back into the house in the future.

She added: "I think going out was the scariest part ... I don't know how I won, it was tough. I don't know, give it time, I might go back in. I might do it again. I don't know."

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