Holly Willoughby isn't contracted to Celebrity Juice

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  • 5 September 2017
Keith Lemon

Keith Lemon at the TV Choice Awards

Holly Willoughby doesn't have to do 'Celebrity Juice' and can choose when she turns up

Holly Willoughby isn't contractually tied to 'Celebrity Juice'.

The 36-year-old presenter already has to juggle her busy work schedule with her parenting duties and things are set to get even more busy next year as she has agreed to host the revamped version of 'Dancing on Ice' alongside Phillip Schofield.

But her new gig could mean she will have to let go of the late night panel show - hosted by Keith Lemon (Leigh Francis) - because she can pick and choose when she does it.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz at the TV Choice Awards in London on Monday (04.09.17), Leigh said when asked he's worried about Holly quitting 'Celebrity Juice' for the skating show: "I don't think she has responsibilities for 'Juice'. I think she just comes for a laugh, we don't worry too much about that, with Fearne [Cotton] and Gino [D'Acampo] too, if they turn up they turn up really it's like having a party at your house and if they come they come, if they don't they'll come next week!

"It's really not like work, the team plan loads, I turn up, get drunk with Gino, go on stage and give Holly and Ferne stick! Less so now because I really respect those ladies, Ferne... I used to think she had a willy, she's had a baby now, we're just really friendly me and Ferne at the moment, I've missed her all of summer that I've been in America doing something that I'm not allowed to tell you about."

And Leigh has admitted he thoroughly enjoys wearing his alter ego's eccentric ensembles because he can pretend it's for television purposes.

He explained: "Because I'm on telly I have a licence to wear whatever I want. If anyone judges me I'll say it's because I'm on telly they make me wear these clothes. In real life I look life I work at Carphone Warehouse! I like to customise stuff because if it's from somewhere like Asos you don't want to bump into five other blokes that will have the same jacket on so sometimes I'll paint all over it, I like fashion."

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