Stuart's chocolate comfort

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 27 June 2008

Stuart hates the "screaming and shouting" in the house, but takes comfort in chocolate. The super fit father-of-one said he couldn't stand the constant arguments that have rolled on since last night, but said the sweet treats make up for it.

He said: "At least I've got chocolate."

The dishy dad also revealed his fears for his daughter after he got involved in the fight because his face is well known at the school.

Sylvia - who is rumoured to have had a pre-existing romantic relationship with Stuart in a test run for the show - told him he had nothing to worry about because he had done nothing wrong.

Later, Big Brother asked Jennifer and Sylvia to pack Dennis' suitcase for him. The pair were pleased the camp Scot had asked for them to do it.

Sylvia said: "He said he knew what he did was wrong but wouldn't have it any other way because he was standing up for what was right."

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