Celebrate 20 years of Jockrock with an anniversary gig

Celebrate 20 years of Jockrock with an anniversary gig

Mitchell Museum

Music website brings in two decades with Ballboy, Mitchell Museum and more

The long-running indie music website, Jockrock, is celebrating 20 years since it first graced our monitors with a 20th anniversary spectacular of its favourite Scottish bands.

The gig, which takes place on Fri 20 Oct at Stereo, will feature Ballboy, Mitchell Museum, Stoor, David MacGregor (of Kid Canaveral), with an afterparty over the road at the Old Hairdressers DJed by Jim Gellatly.

Jockrock's been online since 1996; originally a wee collection of reviews, then a short-lived print fanzine, then a radio show, before the site settled on its final domain and added its much-needed forum. In celebration of its 20th year, editor Stuart McHugh let musician RM Hubbert (in his other guise as web developer) give the site a makeover, and thankfully the tartan background remains bold as ever.

'It doesn't seem like 20 years, but that's how long it's been,' says McHugh. 'The various reviews and interviews I'd been writing about Scottish indie bands expanded to include new release information and general news, and of course the message board, which, despite its notoriety, enabled plenty of bands to hook up to put on shows together, and advertise for new members. Despite the moderation required by it I do think it's a bit of a shame it doesn't exist any more. It gathered together just about everyone on the music scene at the time, whereas nowadays your discussions will take place on Facebook or similar with a select group of friends and acquaintances, so it's a bit of an echo chamber.'

'The mid to late 90s were something of a "golden age", but it hasn't let up – in fact, due to the ease of recording and releasing music straight onto the internet, there's so much more to write about than there was back in the day. Fortunately the technology has made it easier to embed music into the site as well. Although that does lessen the need for reviews.'

'I'm not sure where the site goes next: that will be dictated by technology as much as by the music we cover. It has changed and adapted over two decades, but it's pretty much just kept rolling on.'

Jockrock 20th Anniversary Gig

Scotland's longest-running music website celebrate 20 years of being online with performances from Ballboy, Mitchell Museum, Stoor and David MacGregor.

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