War rages on

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  • 27 June 2008

Mohamed hopes the public sees his side

Housemates continued to argue this afternoon.

Dale and Mohamed butted heads once again after Mario emerged from the Diary Room with the news of Dennis' departure.

The clash was broken up when Mario escorted Mohamed into the bedroom.

Meanwhile, Rex and Rebecca argued in the garden over whether she should have got involved in the dispute.

Darnell also rubbed fellow housemates up the wrong way when he tried to defend his part in the conflict, which Rebecca said frightened the life out of her.

He said: "I know that Mohamed didn't physically hit somebody, he didn't spit on nobody.

"I know people who have been spat on, it is degrading.

"We can apologise for all the stuff we said. You can't take back spit."

In the garden, Mohamed told Rex the fight may have saved him from tonight's eviction.

He said: "If the public see me being spat on and holding my temper, it might work in my favour. I didn't want to retaliate."

Luke added: "I just feel as though tonight it's going to get worse."

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