Dennis kicked out

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  • 27 June 2008

Dennis was told to leave the house

Dennis was kicked out of the 'Big Brother' house this afternoon (2pm).

The camp dancer was ordered out by Big Brother for "aggressive behaviour" after spitting in Mohamed's face.

Big Brother called Dennis into the Diary Room to break the news.

Big Brother said: "Before you entered the house, you were made aware of the rules on unacceptable behaviour.

"Big Brother also told you in person that if you behaved aggressively towards another housemate, you would be removed from the house.

"Dennis, last night at 00.42, after an argument with several housemates in the luxury bedroom, you spat in Mohamed's face.

"Dennis, do you remember the incident Big Brother is referring to?"

Dennis said he did.

Big Brother continued: "Big Brother is in no doubt that spitting in another housemate's face is an act of aggression and is therefore unacceptable behaviour.

"Big Brother is therefore left with no choice but to remove you from the 'Big Brother' house. Do you have anything to say before you leave?"

Dennis said: "I'm just really sorry and I'm so disappointed in myself."

Mohamed and Sylvia still face eviction tonight.

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