Single premiere: Mt Doubt 'Mouthwash' and Acrylic 'Where I Lie'

Single premiere: Mt Doubt 'Mouthwash' and Acrylic 'Where I Lie'


An exclusive listen to the new split 7'' from Mt. Doubt and Acrylic

Scottish Fiction Records have pulled it out of the bag with their new release – a split AA 7'' vinyl featuring label regs Mt Doubt and newbies Acrylic.

Mt Doubt's 'Mouthwash' is a wee departure from their regular dark pop sounds, still emotive indie-tinged rock, but approachable and direct. Juxtaposing this is Acrylic with 'Where I Lie', the band's first single in 1.5 years, an alt.rock anthem to herald their return.

'I think of "Mouthwash" as a bit of a sister track to 'Reference Books' from our most recent EP,' says Mt Doubt lead singer Leo Bargery. 'Whereas the former focuses on the lust-rush of forays into new relationships, "Mouthwash", explores the opposite end of that experience; the gradual disintegration, the subsequent moping, the self-pity. Those sorts of things. Despite this, it's actually pretty cheery sonically. Our keyboardist, Ryan Firth, has really elevated the track with some nice, shiny synths. This is probably as straight-up "indie" as Mt Doubt is ever going to get so enjoy it while you can, if, indeed, you can.'

'"Where I Lie" is the first single from an upcoming EP,' says Acrylic's Andreas Christodoulidis. 'We've not released for a while and had a bunch of different ideas taking us in new directions, so we took our time with this one. A current of anxiety runs through the song, and the same goes for much of the EP. "Where I Lie" explores fragile connections, the see-saw between feelings of uncertainty in relationships, and moments of clarity and assurance. We chose the single because, sonically, it sets the bar nicely for the EP; there are parts of the record where we go further into smooth indie pop, but we also venture into darker, more atmospheric territory than in this single. It should give the listener a taster of what's to come without spoiling the surprise.'

Listen to the split 7" below.

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