Luke welcomes eviction

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  • 27 June 2008

Luke cannot wait for eviction

Luke says an eviction is just what the house needs at the moment.

The democratic 20-year-old suggested it might help to diffuse the situation after the housemates were locked up in separate bedrooms last night.

Mohamed - who was spat at during last night's fight with Dennis - is up for eviction tonight, alongside trouble magnet Sylvia.

Luke added: "People should assess why they're here."

Meanwhile, foul-mouthed comedian Mikey said he thought Big Brother handled the situation well and came across as calm and in control.

Lisa agreed, saying she can see why Big Brother had decided to keep them locked up because all the boys are strongly opinionated and always think they are in the right.

Meanwhile in B-block, Mohamed said he thinks Dennis came into the house expecting people to have a problem with his homosexuality.

Mario also commented on Dennis' behaviour, saying he has only just decided the muscleman was "great".

He joked: "I've been great from day one."

Mohamed added: "What an experience to have the day before you get evicted."

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