Jonathan Ross made a 'massive, massive impact' on John Bishop's career

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  • 3 September 2017
Jonathan Ross

Jonathan Ross

Jonathan Ross has made a "massive, massive impact" on John Bishop's career, as the comedian found his fame catapulted after appearing on the chat show's programme

Jonathan Ross has made a "massive, massive impact" on John Bishop's career.

The 50-year-old comedian has credited the 56-year-old chat show host as being his biggest inspiration, and has revealed after he appeared on Jonathan's eponymous programme 'The Jonathan Ross Show' for the first time he became more popular.

Speaking on the ITV channel, which was aired on Saturday (02.09.17), the funny man said: "I remember coming on your show when I first started and to be honest with you, your show made a massive, massive impact on my career.

"I was on tour at the time doing little venues and literally the week after, the sales went up so you kind of got a sense that if you're represented properly on something, it can make a big deal."

John also hosts his own talk show 'In Conversation With ...' and has admitted he wanted to have "the opportunity" to converse with one individual on their own.

Speaking about his project, he said: "The idea of being on a show and having a chat, that's one thing but I wanted to do something where you'd have one person and talk. It's basically what people do."

And with the programme John has noticed he has been able to uncover a "completely different" side to celebrities, including Katie Price.

He explained: "We've just edited the Katie Price show and like everybody else, I've got an idea of Katie Price but when you sit down with her and you talk for an hour, you find a completely different person with a different narrative."

However, stand up comedy will always be John's "first love".

He explained: "It's the first love. It's a lovely, lovely thing and it's the thing you can never get bored of."

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