Jodie Whittaker went against other actress for Doctor Who role

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  • 1 September 2017
Jodie Whittaker

Jodie Whittaker

Jodie Whittaker has admitted she wasn't the only woman in the running to play the Time Lord in 'Doctor Who'

Jodie Whittaker went up against other actresses for the titular role in 'Doctor Who'.

The 35-year-old star had worked with the show's new executive producer Chris Chibnall - who has taken over the reins from Steven Moffat - on his crime drama 'Broadchurch' so people believed it was a no-brainer when he nabbed her for the part.

But the brunette beauty has admitted she wasn't the only one in the running to play the iconic Time Lord and never expected to add the highly-sought after role to her CV.

Speaking to Rolling Stone magazine, she said: "I remember walking through London after that going, 'What the f**k?!?' I was like, 'I want to audition now!'

"As a young girl, I did not think that 'Time Lord' would ever be on my CV. I have no idea who, but I know I was up against other actresses. It was very much that [Chibnall] was auditioning people for the first female Doctor."

Jodie found out she had secured the role in March and knew instantly that she only had a matter of hours before her life was about to change forever.

She explained: "The morning of the reveal. I was just walking about my street, thinking, 'Oh, this is so weird. Right now, I'm completely anonymous. I've got four hours' time.' "

And it's hardly surprising that Jodie is nervous ahead of her debut as she's made history by becoming the first ever female to play the time-travelling alien.

She said: "I'm playing an alien and gender is not a part of that. A moment like this, of being the first woman cast as something, it makes you really think about your sex, whereas actually what you want to do is play a part where your gender is irrelevant.

"I'm woman, I don't need to play that. And for me, this was the most freeing experience because there's no right or wrong way to do it. The rules went out the window."

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