Georgia Toffolo was pooped on by bird on date

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  • 1 September 2017
Georgia Toffolo

Georgia Toffolo

Georgia Toffolo was left red faced after a bird pooped on her shoulder while on a date for 'Celebs Go Dating'

Georgia 'Toff' Toffolo was "sh*t on" by a bird whilst on a date.

The 21-year-old television personality has admitted she endured an embarrassing moment during filming for 'Celebs Go Dating', which saw a bird poop on her right in the middle of a romantic moment.

Speaking to New! magazine about the blunder, the 'Made in Chelsea' star said: "Well, in this series a bird sh*t on me in the middle of the date."

And the blonde beauty has admitted she often has awkward meetings because if she drinks too much alcohol she gets "really political" with the person she is enjoying a date with.

She added: "And I get really political when I'm drunk."

Toff was also left mortified when one potential suitor asked her to pay because he thought she has "enough money" to afford both parties' meal.

She explained: "One guy said to me, 'You've got enough money. You can get this one, can't you?'"

Despite the encounter, the reality star believes her time on the upcoming series has made her "a lot stronger" and has helped her to realise she is not a damsel in distress.

She explained: "I think I have this facade that I'm cute Toff and always end up heartbroken, but this process has showed me I'm Georgia and I'm not this damsel that always gets pied off. That was very hard for me to grasp.

"I just thought I was really, really unsuccessful and I couldn't figure out why. But it now seems the common denominator was the type of guys I was dating.

"[But now] I feel a lot stronger".

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