Daksha Sheth Dance Company celebrate the sari

Daksha Sheth Dance Company

Meetesh Taneja

Innovative Indian dance company will take you on a cultural journey across the country

When Indian dance appears in British theatres, one of two styles is usually in attendance: Bharatanatyam or Kathak. But they're just the tip of the iceberg, as we'll discover when Daksha Sheth Dance Company arrives in Edinburgh this September. In Sari, the acclaimed Indian choreographer will gift us a whole range of styles from across the country.

'Daksha's style draws its inspiration and vocabulary from India's rich and varied traditions of dance and movement,' explains Devissaro, visual and musical director of the company, and husband of Daksha. 'This journey took her into the towns and villages of regional India, to research folk traditions like Mayurbhanj Chaau from east India, the martial arts of Kalaripayattu and Silambam from south India, and the gymnastic traditions of Mallakhamb from western Indian.'

It's an approach that has resulted in ground-breaking productions, placing the company at the forefront of contemporary dance in India over the past 30 years. This latest production uses dance and striking theatrical design to celebrate the sari, a unique garment worn in India for centuries, which has an emotional tie completely in contrast to the western approach to clothing.

'A sari doesn't go out of style – it's not something you have to throw away after six months because the fashion industry tells you it's out of date,' says Devissaro. 'Saris are ageless, precious and valued garments, beautifully crafted and handed down from mothers to daughters. They gain, rather than lose, value for the wearer over time, because of the rich and deeply personal associations they have.'

Daksha Sheth Dance Company: Sari

This innovative Indian dance company returns to Edinburgh with Sari, a celebration of the creation of this unique garment, in constant play with the body, both in stillness and in movement.

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