Shape-shifting Albuquerque improv-sketch duo Pajama Men bring the raucous

Pajama Men

Hybrid comedy in night wear

If, as is likely to happen, the Pajama Men duo start giggling on stage in the middle of a scene, it's not because they're in awe of their own comic genius. Chances are that one of them has simply pulled something straight out of the bag that the other wasn't expecting. This is how the New Mexico pairing of Shenoah Allen and Mark Chavez have been rolling ever since their arrival on the improv-sketch hybrid scene in the mid-90s.

This shape-shifting couple are taking to The Stand stages for Pterodactyl Nights, a merging of old and new stuff in which they will transform themselves into old men, young girls, elderly women, little boys and all manner of beings from across the animal kingdom (as well as an inanimate object or two). Armed with absolutely zero props and no costumes (other than their by-now iconic night-time uniforms), they rely entirely on their own bodies, voices and imagination, as well as the confidence they have in each other as performers.

Citing the likes of Jim Carrey, Jack Nicholson, Michael Keaton, Rosie Perez and Tom Waits as major influences, Allen and Chavez promise that Pterodactyl Nights will be more unwieldy and raucous than previous shows as they explore the thin divide between the surreal and the real. And if you catch one of them trying to suppress a chuckle, don't think they're being unprofessional: they're just enjoying playing for your entertainment.

On tour nationally. The Stand, Glasgow, Mon 16 Oct; The Stand, Edinburgh, Tue 17 Oct.

Pajama Men: Pterodactyl Nights

Anarchic and inventive humour with bizarre, improvised tangents, from the shape-shifting surrealist double act, also known as Shenoah Allen and Mark Chavez.