Music, The Universe and Everything combines all three into a multimedia experiment

Music, The Universe and Everything

Greg Foot, the 'science guy' on Blue Peter, presents science, accompanied by the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra

Intervals are usually for rushing to the toilet or eating crisps, but make sure you nip to the loo beforehand at Music, The Universe and Everything because at this afternoon concert, the fun never stops. Hands-on music and science demonstrations are planned for before the concert and in the interval – during the show itself, you can leave it to Greg Foot to make some mess and noise.

He'll have some competition though, with the 80 musicians of the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra backing his demonstrations and chat about the various ways music and science collide. Aimed at anyone aged eight and over, the concert will explore the inner workings of our ears, explain how sound waves work, and play you music by composers who were inspired by the solar system.

Foot is known to many as the 'science guy' on Blue Peter, as well as accruing millions of YouTube views answering curious questions about science. 'I'm really excited about this event,' he says, 'because it combines two of my real passions: science and music. And I'm also really looking forward to working with the marvellous BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra – it's going to be a really special afternoon.'

City Halls, Glasgow, Sun 8 Oct, 2.30pm, £12 (£6).

Music, the Universe, and Everything

A BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra concert exploring the weird worlds of music and science. Suitable for ages 8+.

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