Dennis faces eviction

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  • 27 June 2008

Dennis spat in Mohamed's face

Dennis could be kicked out of the 'Big Brother' house for spitting in Mohamed's face. The camp dancer lashed out at the Somalian toy demonstrator during a fight in the early hours of this morning (12.45am), which also involved Rex and Jennifer.

E4 was forced to suspend the live coverage and split the group into the two bedrooms to calm the situation down.

The disagreement kicked off when wealthy chef Rex smeared pizza into Jennifer's life painting of Stuart.

The mother-of-one burst into tears and ran into the luxury bedroom where she was comforted by Dennis.

The outspoken Scot attacked Rex - who had upset Jen earlier in the evening for making an inappropriate joke - before squaring off to Mohamed who was defending the self-styled playboy.

Now Dennis fears he could get the boot.

He said: "I could get removed tomorrow. I told Big Brother, 'take me out right now, but no woman should be made to feel like that from two males'."

He added: "If a woman is sitting breaking her heart no-one should be arguing.

"Mo got up in my face and said, 'don't tell me to shut up' and that's when I spat at him in his face.

"If I'm removed, I'm removed. Everyone's gonna get pulled in one by one tomorrow."

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