My Dark Sky

Tramway, Glasgow, Sat 16-Sat 30 Sep, then touring


There seems to be stirrings of activism in our student population for the first time in a generation. For a long time young people seemed to have responded to their programming to do nothing and keep their heads down, watching shows about buying things, while not participating in the political world outside, thinking they’d be okay, if not happy. Increasingly there seems to be a desire, particularly with regard to issues around the war and environment, to participate and change things, which will no doubt alarm the ideological forces that seek to keep them doped up and out of it.

Timely then that Reeling and Writhing, the Glasgow company responsible for Standing Wavea couple of years back, who’ve shown a consistent commitment to innovation, should bring us a tale of student activism of bygone eras. This piece by Tim Nunn looks at the true story of The White Rose, a group of student activists in Nazi Germany who acted against the authorities with a succession of secret publications and dissenting acts. They came to an infamously nasty end, yet the example they set might stand as a paradigm for young activists in subsequent years. This looks an intriguing piece, providing no shortage of dramatic tension and food for thought.

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