Lady Gaga starts work on 6th album

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  • 30 August 2017
Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga has confirmed she has started work on her sixth studio album, and admitted she isn't sure whether to release another single from her fifth effort, 'Joanne'

Lady Gaga has started writing her sixth studio album.

The 'Born This Way' hitmaker is still touring her latest record 'Joanne', but is using her time on the road to muster up some inspiration to put pen to paper on new songs for her next album.

She said: "I've started writing."

But the star is yet to decide whether her latest album will spawn another single or not, despite online pleas by fans for 'Dancin' In Circles' to be released.

She said: "I'll let ya know.

"I have a lot of ideas and a lot of things I want to create, so you'll see in a bit. I need some time to create."

Gaga is known for playing some previously unreleased songs on her tours and while she is keen to do that again on her forthcoming 'Joanne World Tour' shows, she won't be able to change the set as much as usual because the technical side of things is "extremely complex".

She added to 'Entertainment Weekly': "This show's actually extremely complex and complicated, and the stage is coded with a computer. It's intense and the cues all have to be met at a particular time. It's high stress and tense backstage to make sure everything happens at the exact moment it's supposed to. So, the setlist might change a little bit, but mostly you're coming to see a piece that we've created for you. It's two hours and fifteen minutes we've thought about very closely. It's from our heart, and it's from a band, dancers, artists, and everyone we've worked with in the 10 years we have behind us together."

Gaga's 60-date 'Joanne World Tour' started in Canada on August 1 and is due to end in Inglewood on December 18 following further shows in North America, as well as gigs in Europe and one in Brazil.

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