John Thomson slams internet dating

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  • 29 August 2017
John Thomson

John Thomson

John Thomson has given up on internet dating because no one believes it's really him

John Thomson thinks internet dating is a "waste of time."

The 'Cold Feet' actor is keen to get back out there after his 10-year marriage with his wife Samantha Sharp ended in divorce in 2015, but he has given up hope on finding someone online as no one believes it's the real him and he feels like he's "shopping" for women.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, he said: "I'm kind of drifting now. I've had enough of online dating. No one believes it's me, they think it's a rogue profile. It's just kind of awful. It's like shopping for women and I don't like it. It's such a waste of time."

But the 48-year-old star - who has two children Sophia, seven, and Olivia, 15, with his ex-wife - certainly isn't short of offers as he has fans sending him their numbers.

He explained: "Fan mail is pre-opened when I receive it just in case there's anything sensitive. I mean it's very different when you're in Aerosmith and your bouncers point at, 'Her, her, her, her' and they're all taken off to the hotel. That's a different kind of set-up isn't it? But 'Cold Feet's not like that!

"I've been asked out on dates on Twitter and I've had phone numbers sent to me. I've had randoms ask me on Facebook for dates. I just don't respond.

"It's not in my nature and I just feel it's probably best. I'll say, 'look I'm in a relationship' and maybe sometimes I am and sometimes I'm not, just to shut the door."

And it's hardly surprising he's become more popular with the ladies as he's seen as a "unlikely sex symbol" since he whipped out his bare bottom in Cold Feet's series finale.

He said: "Well that's the ultimate backhanded compliment really. I think that's because I was packing a few more pounds back in the day. I mean I'm not too bad these days, really. I look after myself so I think I look much better than I used to in the show. If I was an unlikely sex symbol then, I don't see why I'm not a likelier one now."

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