Mario and Dale's gym session

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 26 June 2008


Lisa, Dale, Luke and Mario broke one of the sun loungers during an impromptu gym session this afternoon (3.27pm). Former bodybuilder Lisa started running around the 'Big Brother' garden and it wasn't long before the other housemates decided to try building up a sweat too.

Even Kathreya got in on the action, although at a slightly more relaxed pace than fitness-conscious Lisa.

When Lisa performed a series of lunges and squats after finishing her jog Kat decided to copy her, but the massage therapist opted to complete her work-out while in the swimming pool.

Deciding it was time for a more masculine kind of exercise, man mountain Mario and muscley Dale started lifting sun-loungers while other housemates sat on them.

After Dale lifted one holding Mario and his girlfriend Lisa - who proudly admitted weighing 175lbs - Mario decided to go for broke by lifting Lisa, Dale and Luke.

A terrified Luke, who earlier told housemates he only weighs 119lbs, said: "If I fall I'm gonna grab onto Dale's arms!"

Despite a strong start, Mario's weight training was cut short when the lounger buckled under the weight of the three housemates.

Unperturbed, Dale and Mario started doing press-ups and later constructed a barbell using a towel and a long stick.

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