John Thomson considered suicide

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  • 29 August 2017
John Thomson

John Thomson

John Thomson has admitted he toyed with the idea of suicide when he was struggling for work

John Thomson contemplated suicide after his acting work dried up.

The 'Cold Feet' star toyed with the idea of taking his own life after his career plummeted when the award-winning sitcom was taken off air in 2003 but, despite his "dark thoughts", he talked himself out of ending things because of his children and he had too much to lose.

Asked whether he had ever contemplated suicide during his lowest point, the comedian told the Radio Times magazine: "There's a force in me that won't allow me to go that low. Too much to lose.

"Maybe before children, possibly, but not now. Not now. You contemplate. I've had thoughts. I've had dark thoughts, but never considered carrying them out.

"I could toy with the idea of it and how to do it, but not carry it out, because I've got something in me, call it spirit, a guardian angel."

After 'Cold Feet' was axed, the 48-year-old actor struggled to find work - unlike the rest of his cast mates - because his issues with drugs and alcohol were heavily frowned upon by casting directors.

Three years later, John realised he had problems with addiction and relied on voiceover roles and parts in pantomimes to get him by.

However, his life took another turn for the worse in 2015 when his 10-year marriage to wife Samantha broke down and ended in divorce.

But, despite the struggles he faced in the 10 years away from television, John believes his voiceover work was a "life saver".

He explained: "I was four years sober and word still hadn't had got round the industry that I was "redeemed".

"[Voiceovers] were my life-savers, really. Doing a commercial's voiceover is like having a Christmas number one."

Things turned around for John last year when 'Cold Feet' was given a reboot and he has since been able to draw on his own experience with depression to help play his alter-ego Pete Gifford's battle.

He said: "I drew on my experience. That's the thing, though - as an actor it's best to have an interesting life because it gives you something to draw on. If you just tick along all day, you don't have much to draw on. I'm grateful I'm rock 'n' roll, really."

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