Danniella Westbrook: I won't ever shake off my past

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  • 27 August 2017
Danniella Westbrook

Danniella Westbrook

Pregnant Danniella Westbrook admits she will never shake off her past as she says she will always be known as the "cokehead girl" off 'EastEnders'

Danniella Westbrook says she will always be known as the "cokehead girl" off 'EastEnders'.

The 43-year-old actress - who has confirmed she is expecting a baby with her fiancé Alan Thomason - is putting her past behind her but she knows it won't ever totally go away.

She said: "It doesn't matter what happens in the future when this little one arrives. I could win 12 Oscars and I would still be known as the cokehead girl off 'EastEnders' ... I'll tell you why [I've changed this time]. I went into rehab for nine weeks earlier this year and got to the root of my problems. I suffered abuse as a child. It led to me starting on drugs at 15.

"If you get everything dealt with and put away as far back as you can, you stand more of a chance. I'm a cocaine addict. If I'm going to find coke, I'm gonna climb a mountain to find it. But I can't worry about that. My life is different now. My demons have been put to bed. Now I can move forward."

And Danniella is incredibly happy with Alan and they are planning to get married next year.

She told the Sunday Mirror newspaper: "Alan is a hundred, million per cent the reason for my current happiness. I've been lost a lot in my life. Now I'm centred. People can say what they like. Alan is not a user. It took him five days to realise I even work in TV. He looks after me ...

"He's a man for a start. He's open, honest and loyal. I was honest with him about everything. He doesn't give a monkey's about my past ... We're getting married in Spain some time next year. We'll put it together in two weeks - as long as my kids, his mum and our close friends are there. We'd like a secret beach, we'll just throw a stage and fairy lights down, put some music on and eat Spanish food. It will be gorgeous."

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