Matt Dillon praises 'fun' There's Something About Mary

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  • 26 August 2017
Matt Dillon

Matt Dillon

Matt Dillon wishes all movies were as fun to make as the 1998 comedy 'There's Something About Mary'

Matt Dillon wishes all movies were as fun to make as 'There's Something About Mary'.

The 53-year-old actor co-starred with Cameron Diaz in the 1998 comedy directed by the Farrelly brothers and has praised both the process and the movie's endurance.

Speaking at the SANFIC Santiago International Film Festival, he said: "If they all were like that it would be so great. We all had fun making it.

"I was getting on the airplane and someone said to me 'To Santiago?' and I remembered that I had a line in that movie about Santiago!"

Matt also spoke about his upcoming Lars von Trier's thriller 'The House That Jack Built', which he admitted is quite dark.

He said: "The content of the movie is quite dark. That was something that I had to take a leap of faith in. [Lars told me], you couldn't play anybody worse. At dinner before we started Lars asked me to trust him and I said OK. The experience was really good for me from a creative standpoint."

And Dillon explained that he has seen many changes in the movie industry in his 30-year career.

He said: "I've watched the business side of the industry change a lot. I've never been all that comfortable with the business side, I'm more into the creative processes."

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