Lauren Pope reveals TOWIE cast have therapy every week

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  • 26 August 2017
Lauren Pope

Lauren Pope

Lauren Pope said the cast of 'The Only Way is Essex' are offered therapy every week after bosses offer a lot of support

Lauren Pope has revealed the 'Only Way is Essex' cast are offered therapy every week.

The 34-year-old DJ insists reality TV bosses always look after their casts very well and offer a lot of support to cope with the adjustment of becoming a household name and living a life under scrutiny.

She told Closer Magazine: "I love reality TV and production companies are definitely there for you mentally. You're well looked after and have therapy sessions before you start the show and are offered them every week during filming."

But Lauren also admitted it takes a particular type of person to be able to withstand the scrutiny that comes with being on a popular TV show.

She said: "Ultimately, it's just down to how you are as a person.

"You need to have a thick skin to do reality TV.

"You've also got to be realistic. You're putting yourself and your life out there, so you're going to be criticised and it's going to have an impact on you if you're not mentally prepared for it. It's not for everyone."

The blonde beauty spoke out after former 'Geordie Shore' star Sarah Goodhart - who appeared on series 14 of the show - criticised producers for not supporting her through an "emotional breakdown" and slammed 'Celebrity Big Brother' for its treatment of Sarah Harding, who has caused concern with her emotional breakdowns and explosive rows in the house.

However, Lauren thinks Sarah may have just been put in situations she couldn't handle on 'Geordie Shore'.

She said: "I watched Sarah's series of 'Geordie Shore' and she seemed like a really sweet girl, so maybe she was just put in situations she wasn't comfortable with.

"The show is very party-orientated and if you're out drinking every night your emotions are going to be heightened. I think that, in Sarah's case, it just wasn't for her."

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