Noel Fielding and Sandi Toksvig hit it off straight away

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  • 26 August 2017
Noel Fielding

Noel Fielding

The new 'Great British Bake Off' hosts Noel Fielding and Sandi Toksvig hit it off instantly when they were hired for the Channel 4 show

Noel Fielding and Sandi Toksvig are an "uber-gender-fluid couple".

The two comedians instantly hit it off when they were hired to host the 'Great British Bake Off' when it moved to Channel 4, and the relationship between them is like a marital bond.

Noel told Heat Magazine: "Someone from Channel 4, and I think this is very perceptive, said we're like a married couple. I'm the woman and Sandi's the man.

"We're just the most modern couple, really."

Sandi quipped: "We're like an uber-gender-fluid couple."

And 59-year-old Sandi admitted her 44-year-old co-host cares far more about what he looks like on camera than she does.

She said: "We have a wonderful woman who looks after us and picks out our clothes and as I was leaving to go on set, she put her hand under my chin and went, 'What colour are you wearing?' I said, 'I have no idea, I haven't even looked down.'

"She said, 'You don't even know if it's a shirt or a jumper. What is wrong with you?' I said, 'I'll leave all that to Noel'."

Despite their very different comedic styles, the pair realised they had "chemistry" straight away and found a middle ground with their humour that has served them well in hosting the show.

Noel said: "In comedy, you either have chemistry or you don't. Some people just don't have it and you can't force it. We could tell straight away, couldn't we?...

"I remember going home and saying, 'I did want this job, obviously, but now I've met Sandi, I really want it'.

"In my head I was thinking, 'This could be really good. I think we might actually be able to pull this off'."

Sandi added: "What's been interesting is we have very different styles and well - you'll see when you watch the show - we've found the middle ground that makes both of us cry with laughter, which we would have never otherwise discovered."

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