Lisa demands order

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  • 26 June 2008

Lisa took charge of the shopping

Three housemates took control of ordering shopping this afternoon.

Mikey, Lisa and Jennifer stepped up to make sure there were no mistakes this time after the group miscalculated the cost of last week’s food.

Former bodybuilder Lisa ruled the group with a rod of iron after the previous two weeks ended up in chaos.

She shouted: "Right, everybody quiet now!"

Lisa and Jennifer went through the list while Mikey offered a helping hand.

He said: "If you tell me what you're doing, I'll add it up in my head."

Mother-of-one Jennifer suggested Big Brother may be able to distribute the food steadily so items like fruit will be fresh.

She suggested: "We can ask Big Brother if we can get them spread out through the week."

Lisa added: "It's so much better without everyone shouting."

This week, the housemates were able to order chocolate and ice-cream after being awarded a luxury shopping budget for successfully completing the task.

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