Richard Madeley: Chloe was an 'accident'

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  • 24 August 2017
Richard Madeley and his daughter Chloe

Richard Madeley and his daughter Chloe

Richard Madeley has revealed his daughter Chloe wasn't planned and he and his wife Judy Finnigan were shocked when they found out they were expecting again less than a year after they welcomed their son Jack 31 years ago

Richard Madeley's daughter Chloe was an "accident."

The 61-year-old presenter dropped jaws on Thursday (24.08.17) when he announced on 'Good Morning Britain', which he's currently co-hosting with Kate Garraway, that he and his wife Judy Finnigan weren't planning to have any more children after their son Jack, now 31, was born and were shocked when they found out they were pregnant with the 30-year-old blonde beauty less than a year later.

He said: "I was telling Kate earlier that when we had our fourth child, Judy had two by her first marriage and then we had a little boy called Jack and then Judy got pregnant very quickly again, it was an accident. Sorry Chloe but you were and you know it."

And Richard's honesty didn't stop there as he also revealed later on in the episode that he had been prescribed the same painkiller as Ant McPartlin, who has just been released from rehab after he checked himself in for drug addiction, earlier this year.

He asked Kate and Richard Arnold after they discussed Ant's rehab stint in the showbiz segment: "Have either of you ever taken those high strength painkillers?

"When I broke my arm earlier this year they gave me Tramadol... I took one and threw the rest away. They make you feel really weird then I researched it and saw how addictive they were and I just flushed them down the loo. [They are] bad news."

Richard broke his arm in January this year and was forced to go under the knife to have a mental plate slotted into his joint after he slipped on ice.

He tweeted at the time: "They say there's a 1st time for everything. So today I broke my arm falling on ice! Went down hard + smashed it! Op tomoz (sic)"

He added: "Ta all for good wishes. Worse things happen. Just incredibly inconvenient.

"Lucky it was the left one and weirdly it's still pretty functional. But as Lennon said: 'Life's what happens when you're making other plans.' (sic)"

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