Prince engineer lands rights to release vault?

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 24 August 2017


Prince's sound engineer George Boxill has reportedly landed the rights to release the late music legend's unreleased music from his famous Paisley Park vault

Prince's sound engineer has reportedly landed the rights to release his vault of unreleased music.

George Boxill is said to have outbid Jay-Z's $40 million offer and Universal's $31 million with an eight-figure sum.

The 'Purple Rain' hitmaker's estate has been embroiled in a legal battle with Boxill after he attempted to release an EP of unheard songs on streaming services, including the track 'Deliverance', in April, to coincide with the one-year anniversary of the music legend's death.

According to TMZ, Boxill has claimed the estate admitted in court that he had the right to release the songs, some of which he says he co-wrote with the 'Little Red Corvette' singer, and that he could make money from them.

Boxill is also believed to be hoping to get an injunction filed against him by the estate to block the release of the EP overturned.

In April, a federal judge ruled that Boxill had allegedly been told to give the recordings back to them.

The lawsuit stated that the producer had signed a confidentiality agreement when he recorded the tracks between 2006 and 2008 and agreed all recordings would "remain Prince's sole and exclusive property."

According to the estate, the producer refused a demand to return the recordings in March, and they believe the release of the music would harm their business interests.

The lawsuit argued the release of the recordings would "deprive Prince (and now the estate) from choosing what is released to the public and when".

Boxill previously said he felt the release of the EP would "bring comfort" to the music legend's fans.

He said: "I believe 'Deliverance' is a timely release with everything going on in the world today, and in light of the one-year anniversary of his passing. I hope when people hear Prince singing these songs it will bring comfort to many."

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