Sam Thompson wants to 'slow down' with Amelia Lily

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  • 24 August 2017
Sam Thompson

Sam Thompson

Sam Thompson is worried that his romance with Amelia Lily is going too fast after she said she couldn't wait to introduce him to her parents

Sam Thompson wants his relationship with Amelia Lily to "slow down."

The 'Made in Chelsea' hunk raised eyebrows earlier this month when he admitted he had developed feelings for the former 'X Factor' star just days after they entered the 'Celebrity Big Brother' house, but it looks like he's now getting cold feet as he freaked when the blonde beauty said she couldn't wait for him to meet her parents this week.

Speaking in the diary room in last night's (23.08.17) episode, he said: "You know, she says she can't wait for me to meet her parents... and I sit there like, yeah, I will meet them and try to get them to like me, as you never know what will happen in the future. But at that moment I just thought, 'slow down!' Amelia and I aren't there yet. I need to sort out so much in my head, and I can only do that on the outside."

Sam spooked after Amelia, 22, told Derek Acorah and Shaun Williamson in the garden that she's "besotted" with the reality TV star and won't "hide it" anymore.

She said with a giggle: "He knows I am besotted with him, I can't be arsed hiding it. You know what, I'm actually quite excited for my mum and dad to meet him on Friday.

'I'm gonna warn you Sam, they're pretty protective right now!"

However, it's hardly surprising that Sam, 25, is getting cold feet as he's only just split from his girlfriend Tiffany Watson, who he's been dating on and off for three years.

The pair decided to go their separate ways for the summer months so they could do their own things, but they were planning to get back together later this year.

But, after watching his flirty antics on screen over the past three weeks, Tiffany, 22, doesn't know if she wants to see Sam when he leaves the house later this week.

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