Louis Tomlinson teases new song

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  • 24 August 2017
Louis Tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson has teased a new song on Instagram but says it is not likely to be his next single

Louis Tomlinson has shared a preview of a new song from his debut solo album.

The One Direction hunk posted a clip on Instagram on Wednesday (23.08.17) of himself listening to the track during a car journey.

On the recording he can be heard singing: "I went to Amsterdam without you and all I could do was think about you."

The 'Just Hold On' hitmaker also took to Twitter to tease the track and his completed record, but said he's not sure if it will be his next single.

Louis also said that he made the track six months ago.

In a series of tweets, he wrote: "Just listening to the album on my way home so thought you deserved a little exclusive ... Anyone work out the lyric yet ? ... Haha smashed it . Made it to Amsterdam last month though ... P.s wrote that song like 6 months ago (sic)"

Replying to a fan who asked if it will be his next release, he said: "nah don't think so. Maybe though (sic)"

Louis recently said he is planning to release "two more singles" before his full record.

The 25-year-old singer said fans will "definitely learn a bit more" about him when his album drops, but it certainly won't be all about "fairytales".

He said: "I'll probably do one, maybe two more singles and then the album. But the album in general is just very honest and conversational. In the early sessions I've had, a lot of songwriters love to write about fairytales and situations that just don't really feel like the bands that I grew up listening to.

"They speak very matter-of-fact and honest, and I think that's cool and that's interesting. Although the fans know loads about me, they'll definitely learn a bit more after the album."

Louis recently teamed up with Bebe Rexha for his second solo single, 'Back To You', but insists his next release, which he already has in place, will sound more like him "lyrically".

He said: "I think my next single will sound the most like me lyrically. I suppose I'm constantly looking at the results of the [current] single, but for me I am really excited to release that one because it feels the more like me lyrically.

"I think we do have the next single, it's just working out when the best time to release that is and that's depending on how this single goes."

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