Aaron Barshak


  1. Most famous for donning a peach dress and a Bin Laden beard to gatecrash Prince William’s 21st birthday party and plant a smacker on the future King’s horsey lips, the self-styled Comedy Terrorist has also interrupted Eddie Izzard during the Spike Milligan tribute show, thrown a bucket of paint over a Chapman Brothers artwork and gained 37 votes in the 2003 Brent East by-election. He came 14th out of 16 candidates.

  2. He considers himself as a comedy pundamentalist: ‘Sweet Home Al Qaeda’, ‘The Italiban Job’ and ‘Osama Likes it Hot’ are but three which he has taken credit for.

  3. His sister Tamara is a documentary maker who has filmed her brother’s exploits and also made a film about the now extinct giant ground sloth from South America.

  4. Despite him trespassing onto regal soil, Barshak’s dad Fred insisted at the time that his son was actually quite keen on Prince Charles and shares his views on modern architecture. His mother Miriam was reported as saying ‘he’s gone too far this time.’

  5. His most recent prank was in September when he evaded the tight security at an auction house in Cornwall where he bid £6m for a watercolour rumoured to have been created by Adolf Hitler. After Barshak was dragged away from the scene, the entire collection of 21 paintings went under the hammer for a total of £118,000.

The Stand, Edinburgh, Sun 14 Jan.

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