Task went OK

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 26 June 2008

Rex practising for the task

Housemates passed this week's shopping task. Dale, Rex, Sylvia and Stuart successfully recreated OK Go's video for 'Here It Goes Again' by dancing between a set of eight treadmills.

The performance was shown on 'Big Brother's Little Brother' last night where fashion guru Nick Grimshaw awarded Dale a 'Grimmy' award for his Outstanding Performance in a Pop Re-enactment Video.

The rest of the group watched the performance on a screen in the living room.

Big Brother read off a list of mistakes to the dancers, including one premature clap, four uncoordinated spins, an incorrect head turn, and one extra spinning jump.

But the group were delighted when they were told none of these mistakes were considered significant.

Housemates were given a party as a reward for passing the task. Stuart jumped into the pool with his clothes on in celebration.

Sylvia said: "I'm going out with a bang. I knew it, I knew it."

Choreographer Dennis - who was locked up in the garden jail during the performance - said missing the show was "soul destroying".

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