Sylvia wants Dale

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 26 June 2008

Dale lounging on the sofa

Sylvia asked Jennifer's permission to make a move on Dale. The flirty housemate - who spent the last few days throwing herself at hunky new housemate Stuart despite having a boyfriend of four years - went on to link arms with the P.E. teaching student at last night's after show party.

But Dale - who has an unrequited love for part-time model Jennifer - ignored the churchgoer's come ons.

He said: "I have to ignore it. The whole nation knows I like Jen. I wouldn't do anything because I don't like her. It's only arm linking, but for God's sake!"

Camp Dennis - who was comforting the ladies' man from behind bars in the garden jail - said Jennifer had "a lot of trust" in him and that they should be laughing at the situation.

Meanwhile, some of the other housemates discussed Sylvia's motives for making moves on Dale.

Darnell said: "It's the fact that she has this conversation. The camera is getting all that conversation. She doesn't care if it's a good camera shot or a hate camera shot. Let's not have a conversation about it. I know what she wants to do."

Dennis added: "It's just for a magazine deal after she tries to split them up."

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