Helen Lederer is 'aghast' at Sarah Harding's behaviour

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  • 23 August 2017
Helen Lederer

Helen Lederer

Actress Helen Lederer had admitted she is "aghast" at some of Sarah Harding's antics inside the 'Celebrity Big Brother' house

Helen Lederer is "aghast" at Sarah Harding's antics inside the 'Celebrity Big Brother' house.

The 62-year-old actress was shocked to discover that the former Girls Aloud star and Chad Johnson had enjoyed some heavy petting when they were on the show with her.

Helen said: "I'm amazed and aghast at how rapidly relationships are made."

But Helen wished Sarah ad Chad well in the longer term.

Speaking to The Sun Online, she explained: "I'm shocked. I'm absolutely shocked.

"Good luck to them if that's what works for them. I don't begrudge them a second of their lust."

Despite this, Helen has cast doubt on their burgeoning relationship, suggesting it isn't anything more than lust.

The actress reflected: "From Chad's point of view, he's just done the one programme and hasn't travelled out of America, and bless him, is quite baffled, and eats a lot of eggs and protein...

"I think he is clearly enamoured of this beautiful women who has chosen him."

She suggested, too, that the duo might be forming a relationship in a bid to help their respective careers.

Helen said: "Sarah perhaps knows more than Chad in terms of the media.

"Now they've found each other and perhaps they can help each other through their experiences in an entrepreneurial, beneficial way - and I suppose with love."

However, their relationship has not been well received by some of the other housemates, including actor Paul Danan.

He recently said: "Sarah getting laid in the toilets is not a good look."

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