Jamie Jewitt shows love for the ocean

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  • 22 August 2017
Jamie Jewitt

Jamie Jewitt

Jamie Jewitt and Roxanne Pallett took to Blackpool beach in North England on Tuesday morning (22.08.17) to take part in the Sky Ocean Rescue's big beach clean up

Love Island's Jamie Jewitt joined former 'Emmerdale' star Roxanne Pallett to help clean up Blackpool beach on Tuesday (22.08.17).

The pair were helping with the the Sky Ocean Rescue campaign and showed their support by joining an early morning beach clean with the local council, before handing out refillable water bottles and giving tips to members of the public on how to reduce their own plastic use.

Sky launched the The Plastic Whale Tour recently, which sees a replica of the mammal made out of plastic travel through England, Wales and Scotland in a bid to educate people on the devastating effects leaving rubbish near the sea does each year.

The plastic has been picked up from beach cleans and local recycling plants and represents the same amount of plastic that pollutes the ocean every second leading to the deaths of many whales.

Jamie said: "It's hard to get your head round the effect we are having on the ocean until you see the plastic whale and realise that is how much plastic is being dumped in the ocean every second.

"That is terrifying and why I'm here in Blackpool supporting the Sky Ocean Rescue campaign.

"I love swimming and enjoying the beauty of our oceans and we are all putting that at risk.

"It's not hard to make a change, it's simple; get a refillable bottle or don't take a straw it really doesn't take much but if we all do it it will make a difference."

Roxanne, 34, was thrilled to be able to do her part as the beach side resort is where she used to visit with her family.

She added: "I grew up coming to Blackpool at the weekend and on holiday, so this beach has a very special place in my heart.

"This morning I took part in a beach clean with the amazing team from Blackpool Council, who are out here every day, and I saw first-hand the rubbish that's left on

the beach.

"The Plastic Whale is a great reminder of the amount of plastics that get dumped in our oceans every second and the action we all need to take to save our oceans. We all need to act now to prevent further damage."

Find out more about the Plastic Whale Tour and the issues affecting our oceans at the Sky Ocean Rescue Facebook page, @skyoceanrescue on Twitter, or visit skyoceanrescue.com.

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