5 After Midnight want to launch a 'dance video'

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  • 22 August 2017
5 After Midnight

5 After Midnight

5 After Midnight want to launch a "dance video" in the future to prove they are not just one trick ponies

5 After Midnight want to launch a "dance video".

The trio - which is comprised of Kieran Alleyne, Nathan Lewis and Jordan Lee - have revealed they have been undergoing a "dance masterclass" with Brian Friedman - the choreographer for 'The X Factor' - and, in time, they would like to come up with their own "concept video" to show off their fancy footwork.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz at this year's V Festival, which took place at Hylands Park, Chelmsford, on Saturday (19.08.17), Nathan said: "We were at a dance camp for the past few days. Just for dance masterclasses. We had Brian Friedman. It was nice to see him again. His choreography is ridiculous, it; so hard but it's so precise and perfect. So, to be honest the last couple of days have been so tiring for us. It was in Manchester.

"And eventually there are dance videos we want to do as well. Not necessarily training people but coming up with choreography, filming it, coming up with concept videos."

And the reason the 'Up In Here' hitmakers' - who came third on 'The X Factor' in 2016 - would like to get involved with other business ventures is because they "love" seeing fellow artists release a song with an "interesting" music video to accompany the track.

Nathan explained: " It feels like somebody has given us a job, and you go off and you make the job creative and you go and make the job what you want it to be.

" And one thing I love about an artist is when rather than just having a song and a standard video to it, they have an interesting concept."

The threesome are also keen to "push themselves" with their career and do not want to be known solely for their music.

Nathan added: "We just want to push ourselves, whether it's dance, music, fashion, just try and push ourselves to be bigger and better."

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