Exclusive video premiere: The Rah's 'The Time is Now'

Exclusive video premier: The Rah's 'The Time is Now'

Jack from The Rah's talk us through how their new video came to be

As Prestonpans' The Rah's give their song 'The Time is Now' a brand new look, Jack McLeod gives us an update on where they're at, how the video came to be, and what to expect from our exclusive premiere of 'The Time is Now'.

'Now is the time we've all been waiting for. All the effort, emails, phone calls, guitar strings, drum skins, fall outs and handshakes have led to this moment. This project has really tested us as a band and as friends, and it's taken some proper graft to get here. We hope it pays off, but we won't be giving up if it doesn't. That's too easy.'

'As the die hard fans will know, 'The Time is Now' was released back in 2013 on our Living The Dream EP which we've vanished from our back catalogue. We decided to have a fresh start from 2015, as it's about quality not quantity. We gave the song a revisit last summer, making it more rocky with a synthy flow. We sent a demo to James Darkin and he instantly said: "That's the one." We flew James to Glasgow where we had booked Maybank Studios for the weekend. That weekend we learned a lot. James was like our father for a couple of days; he even came to the pub to feed us Guinness. It was by far the most dedicated we've been to recording a track. We pushed the boundaries with the time schedule to get to where we needed to be before packing up. I really tested my vocal chords because James wouldn't let me get away with anything. He was constantly stopping and starting to get the correct delivery. We also had a slight disagreement – nothing major – as I wanted an American accent for the speech at the start, but he wouldn't let it happen. "Braveheart or nothing" were his words.'

'Filming the video was also quite the education session. We shopped around to find the right man, and stumbled upon Carousel Films. We flew Mike up from London to get the job done. He captured the energy of the track to a tee. I'm sure the people of Edinburgh will recognise the abandoned building where it was shot, but best keep it hush as someone could get in trouble. Not even having a location confirmed before Mike arrived was part of the fun and added to the vibe. He was forced to work fast and efficiently and he handled it with ease.'

'I could write a book about the track, but now I'll let it speak for itself.'

Check out the video for 'The Time is Now' below:

'The Time is Now' is out Fri 25 Aug.

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