Luke gets drenched

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 25 June 2008

Bex and Luke washing clothes

Rebecca soaked Luke with water this afternoon (25.06.08, 3.05pm).

The fun-loving housemate chased the skinny 20-year-old through the house with a jug of cold water.

The pursuit ended in the luxury bedroom where Luke was backed into a corner and resorted to threatening Rebecca's toy bunny.

He shouted: "Rebecca, no! It's the luxury bedroom! I've got my microphone on! Rebecca, I swear to God, the bunny's gonna get it."

Rebecca backed off and said she would pour the water away.

Luke said: "Tip it down the toilet. Just like your mind, down the toilet."

But as soon as the wannabe politician - who referees wrestling matches in his spare time - let his guard down, Rebecca doused his t-shirt with water and ran away.

Mikey - who was the only other housemate in the room - said she was only doing it so Luke would strip off his wet clothes.

Luke added: "She's infatuated with me."

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