Stuart from 'Corrie'?

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  • 25 June 2008

Bex and Luke washing clothes

Housemates believe Stuart is an actor.

Suspicious Jennifer, Rebecca and Luke discussed the possibility of the dishy dad not being a genuine housemate in the living area this afternoon (25.06.08).

And 20-year-old student Luke was convinced he has seen the father-of-one in an episode of ITV soap 'Coronation Street' after watching the way Stuart walked out of the luxury bedroom.

He said: "And then I realised. It reminded me of a scene in 'Coronation Street'. I think he's been in 'Corrie'."

Part-time model Jen also speculated that Stuart acted in Natalie Imbruglia's 'Torn', despite the fact that he would have been around 14-years-old at the time it was released.

She went on to point out the 16 parts of the 'Big Brother' shattered eye logo and that one slice was red, which she suggested could represent Stu.

Luke added: "Stuart's a nice guy, but there's something wrong. His entrance was wrong. We didn't hear the crowd leave."

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