Jemma Lucy 'threatened' by Sarah Harding?

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  • 22 August 2017
Sarah Harding

Sarah Harding

Sarah Harding's best friend Michelle Vince thinks Jemma Lucy has taken aim at the blonde beauty because she's jealous of her

Jemma Lucy feels "threatened" by Sarah Harding.

The pair have locked horns on numerous occasions since they entered the infamous house earlier this month, but the former Girls Aloud singer's best friend Michelle Vince is convinced the 'Ex on the Beach' babe has taken aim at the blonde bombshell because she's jealous of her talent and looks.

Speaking to OK! magazine, Michelle said: "I really don't know [why Jemma hasn't taken such a dislike to Sarah]. Maybe she feels threatened by Sarah. Sarah is very successful and is a very pretty girl. Maybe it's to do with that? Or is it that she has gone in there playing a game? I don't know."

And, although the 35-year-old beauty has broken down in tears many times over the past two weeks because of the amount of squabbles she's had with other housemates, Michelle has praised her friend for her "strength" and is convinced she would have walked if she was that depressed.

She explained: "Sarah hasn't held back on the fact that she suffers from anxiety and has had depression. I think she's risen above that and not given up or walked out. I don't think she's too vulnerable to be in there. She's not as fragile as people think. If anything she's showing how strong she actually is to continue. She's just a sensitive soul and she will take things to heart easily."

But Michelle is pleased that Sarah has Chad Johnson - who she has shared a smooch with numerous times while they've been in the house - to lean on when times get tough and she even thinks there could be a future for the pair one the outside because the singer doesn't have any ties to the UK.

She said: "Sarah is on her own, she doesn't have children, so I see no reason why Sarah wouldn't love an opportunity to go to Los Angeles or be in America. I think if he was deemed to be right for her, there's nothing holding her back.

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