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  • 25 June 2008

Rebecca said she would still open a mystery envelope, despite getting sent to jail last time.

The motor-mouth from Coventry said she would still be prepared to take the risk in case there was a cash prize in it.

Last week, Rebecca opened the mystery envelope - which Big Brother had placed in the store room - and was sent directly to the creepy cage.

She said: "It could be an envelope saying that you've won £50,000 this week."

Close pal Luke asked the excitable housemate what she would do if she got sent to the prison again.

She replied: "I'd scream the place down and go in a mood, but I'd still open it."

She also revealed how she would happily leave the house if she was offered £100,000.

She added: "I've never had £1,000, let alone £100,000."

Rebecca went on to tell fellow contestants what she would buy with that kind of money, including new hair extensions, make-up, clothes and a pet Chihuahua.

Luke said: "It'd be dead within a week."

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