Task choreographer jailed

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  • 25 June 2008

Dennis has been sent to jail

Dennis and Darnell have been sent to jail (25.06.08, 2.05pm).

The pair said they were told to cage themselves in the creepy garden prison for discussing the chaperone process - which is strictly forbidden in the 'Big Brother' rule book - on Day 14, one week ago.

Choreographer Dennis called the dancers - who were busy practising the treadmill routine for tonight's performance - outside so he could talk them through what they needed to do.

He said: "They've done this on purpose."

Jennifer was outraged at the decision and wondered why it had taken Big Brother so long to punish her fellow housemates.

She said: "I just don't understand how they can put someone in jail for something that happened ages ago."

But despite what Dennis and Darnell told the group, Luke later emerged from the Diary Room and told housemates Big Brother had informed him they were being punished for discussing nominations, not the chaperone process.

He said: "They lied to us, they discussed nominations."

Luke suspected Big Brother had imprisoned Dennis to sabotage the task after housemates has sung Dennis' praises in the Diary Room.

Cookie monster Kathreya sat with the 'jailbirds' - something she did for Rex and Mohamed when they were locked up overnight on Monday (23.06.08) - and tried to cheer them up.

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