Marcel Somerville drops solo singles about Gabby Allen

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  • 21 August 2017
Marcel Somerville

Marcel Somerville

Marcel Somerville is set to start his solo career by dropping two new singles written for his 'Love Island' girlfriend Gabby Allen

Marcel Somerville's new single 'Someone' was written for his 'Love Island' girlfriend Gabby Allen.

The Blazin' Squad member met the blonde beauty on the latest series of the ITV2 show and the pair quickly became fan favourites and, despite the success of the band, he's decided to carve out a solo career and has penned a song for his girlfriend of two months.

Speaking to the Sun newspaper, the singer said: "I am releasing new solo material. My new song 'Someone' is, of course, about Gabby, but I wrote it before I went into the house.

"It was also a premonition that I would meet someone just like her in the villa. I've written another song called You And I about Gabby, which I can't wait for people to hear.

"See, I'm romantic, the gestures never stop."

The hunk also revealed he regrets sleeping with more than 300 women - which he revealed on the dating show - but says he has found the right girl with Gabby.

He said: "I said I'd had sex with around 300, but it was more like between 200-300 and it keeps getting brought up now.

"Maybe I shouldn't have had so much sex. But then it made me who I am and it made me skilled. I am a great lover now. What can I say?

"You do get girls in clubs throwing themselves at you and saying they love you, but because I was in the Blazin' Squad it's not new to me.

"I know I have the best girl already so I wouldn't veer want to look elsewhere. She knows that."

Despite not winning the prize money, the two have stayed together and Marcel said "nothing will break" them.

He said: "I went on the show to find love and meet someone and I did.

"So even though we didn't win the show, we won in love, so couldn't be happier. Gabs and I are solid. Nothing will break us."

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