Rex plans theft

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  • 25 June 2008

Rex plotting to steal food

Rex and Sylvia are planning to steal food.

In a secret chat this morning (25.06.08), Christian Sylvia and professional chef Rex discussed how they would take supplies from the store room.

Rex said: "Have you taken any food yet?"

Sylvia replied: "Have I what?"

He repeated: "Have you taken any food yet?"

She answered: "No. As in, stolen anything? Why? Why would you think I'd do that?"

After Rex made it clear he wasn't playing detective and was encouraging the theft, Sylvia asked the wealthy playboy when she should commit the crime and if he was going to take part.

Rex said: "We can't talk about it - just do it!"

Sylvia had previously owned up to hording biscuits and crisps in the luxury bedroom wardrobe, but denies the theft of two packets of custard creams earlier this week.

Foul-mouthed Mikey said he suspected the "head chef" of taking the biscuits because he had the most access to the kitchen.

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