Bex's sexy undies

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  • 25 June 2008

Rebecca wears comfortable G-strings

Luke and Rebecca discussed sexy underwear this afternoon (25.06.08, 12.15pm).

The bickering pair - who housemates tease about being a "good couple" - talked about motor-mouth Rebecca's tendency to wear G-strings.

Luke asked: "Is it because it makes you feel good as a woman?"

The plus-sized housemate replied that it was because they were more comfortable than pants, but Luke said he thought women wore them to feel sexy.

Rebecca went on to ask Luke if she thought she had a "nice bum" and insisted he tell her she does after he said "no".

He asked: "Do you think I have a nice backside?"

Rebecca said she did, which surprised the young wannabe politician.

The topic moved on to Rebecca's taste in men, with Luke asking if she had ever been with a muscular man. She said she hadn't.

Luke said: "Interesting."

Later, during a conversation with Rex, Rebecca said 15 minutes of sex would be an optimistic time for Luke.

Luke responded: "Oh no, I was far too long."

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