Tiffany Watson: Amelia Lily will never be accepted by Made In Chelsea set

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  • 17 August 2017
Tiffany Watson and Sam Thompson

Tiffany Watson and Sam Thompson in April

'Made In Chelsea' star Tiffany Watson says 'X Factor' beauty Amelia Lily will never be accepted by Sam Thompson's friends if the pair get together once they leave the 'Celebrity Big Brother' house

Tiffany Watson doesn't think Amelia Lily will be accepted by the 'Made In Chelsea' cast if she jumps into a relationship with her ex-boyfriend Sam Thompson.

The West London socialite is being forced to watch her former boyfriend fall for the blonde beauty - who hails from Nunthorpe in Middlesbrough - inside the 'Celebrity Big Brother' house, but is confident that the pair won't hook up because everyone knows that her and Sam are meant to be together and are rooting for them to reunite.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, she said: "Everyone says that they can't see anyone that's not me being with Sam. All our friends and family are struggling to picture them being together as we were together so long."

Despite the 'X Factor' star getting close to the reality TV hunk, Tiffany bears no hard feelings towards Amelia because the singer has, so far, been "respectful" of their relationship.

Tiffany explained: "Amelia is a nice girl and she's being respectful and I'm a fan of her.

"She knows Sam's not over his last girlfriend. And he'd never get into a showmance.

"He hates when people are being fake."

On Monday night, sparks flew between Sam and Amelia when he opened up to her and told her he see's a future with her but he's so "afraid of f***ing something up".

Amelia reciprocated his feelings, and admitted: "I get excited to wake up in the morning in here because I get to see you."

And although the longer they stay in the house, the closer they could get, Tiffany wants Sam to stay till the end and win the Channel 5 show.

She added: "I want Sam to win, it's nice he's in there, for me. I think he could make it to the final. When I heard he was in the bottom two my heart dropped."

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