Name Morphos

Location Edinburgh, Scotland

Occupation Producer of loud, banging noise.

Info please Morphos aka Graeme Marshall had a simple yet logical path to becoming one of Scotland’s most respected underground techno producers. As the man himself explains, ‘I got a set of decks, started buying tunes, bought a computer and started writing tunes.’

Short and sweet, I like it. Care to fill in the blanks? Like any decent tradesman, Marshall did some thorough research before embarking on his chosen career. Hours of groundwork were put in on the dancefloors of various local clubs including Sublime, Normal and Lift where a young Morphos watched, learnt and danced quite a lot too.

What’s the tech spec on this one then? He’s worked with most of the popular music making software before recently settling on Ableton Live. Its real time editing and innovative interface allows Morphos to come to life with his infamous live sets. Influences are too many to mention but the Swedish techno sound of Adam Beyer, Carl Lekebusch and others is certainly one of the elements to a Morphos track. He also puts a lot of effort into making sure he gets the groove into his techno. ‘The groove is the all important factor because that’s what people dance to,’ he explains.

Name the time and place The time is normally late and the place is tends to be a sweaty techno club. Morphos has performed at some of the capital’s best techno nights including React, JakN and has recently taken up residency at Synthetic’s new monthly shindig at the Bongo club where he gets to do what he likes the most, ‘I like to make noise, especially loud banging noises over massive sound systems.’ Makes sense.

Morphos is a resident at the newly relaunched Synthetic, the Bongo Club, Thu 4 Jan.

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